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5 Facts About Cavities Explained by Your Dentist in San Diego

January 15, 2018

Filed under: Scripps Ranch Cosmetic Dentistry — Dr. Greg Friedman @ 3:48 pm

monstrous cavity crawling out of toothSince childhood, you’ve been hearing about the infamous character called the ‘cavity.’ This monstrous little creature has the ability to multiply and wreak major havoc, but you’re not sure what his origin is and what drives his destructive tendencies. Your dentist in San Diego has been studying this matter very closely and is willing to share 5 facts about the notorious cavity. He’ll also explain how to defeat it with simple hygienic practices and preventive dentistry. Read on to learn more.


A New Year for Oral Health with Your Dentist in Scripps Ranch

January 7, 2018

Filed under: Scripps Ranch Cosmetic Dentistry — Dr. Greg Friedman @ 2:17 pm

man writing goals coffee cup glassesSo it’s a new year! Are you excited? Have you written out your goals for the next 12 months? Here’s a chance to add a very necessary item that many people could possibly be overlooking – oral health. This is a super simple resolution that is very attainable. It doesn’t demand any miraculous events to occur or for the stars to align properly. It just requires a few daily disciplines. And your dentist in Scripps Ranch is so passionate about the benefits that this outlook will provide for you in the new year, that he has decided to weigh in and offer is expert advice. Continue reading to learn what oral health goals you can set for the upcoming year and how they will enhance your life.


Your Cosmetic Dentist Helps You Create the Perfect Smile in 2018

December 20, 2017

Filed under: Scripps Ranch Cosmetic Dentistry — Dr. Greg Friedman @ 5:28 pm

selfie with attractive coupleDid you know that the average child smiles 400 times a day? That is 10 times more than happy adults, who smile an average of only 40 to 50 times each day. Adults who aren’t so happy might only smile 20 times a day. Where do you fall on that spectrum? If you don’t smile as often as you would like to, is it because you’re embarrassed by the way your teeth look? Well, we encourage you to make 2018 the year you finally get the smile you’ve always wanted! Your cosmetic dentist in San Diego will be happy to help you reach your goals.


Your Children’s Dentist in Scripps Ranch Says Seize the Moment!

December 5, 2017

Filed under: Scripps Ranch Cosmetic Dentistry — Dr. Greg Friedman @ 4:15 pm

woman driving notes covering steering wheelTime, oh precious time. How elusive you are. You are only here for a moment and then you’re gone forever. Is that the way you feel sometimes with your busy life and hectic schedule? As a parent, you’re being pulled to and froe. You have work and family obligations, and they are equally demanding. That’s why your children’s dentist in Scripps Ranch wants you to seize the day. When your children are out of school for the holiday break, it’s the perfect time to schedule them for one of their twice a year cleanings and examinations. Learn more about how to juggle your busy life without compromising the oral health of your family.


MOD Squad Denetal is Changing the Dental Implant Process for the Better with PRF

November 28, 2017

Dr. Friedman & his team are taking dentistry to the next level by adding the revolutionary technique of PRF (platelet rich fibrin) to his dental implant procedures, & extractions. PRF accelerates the healing process, decreases surgical pain & swelling for dental implants and tooth removal. PRF also improves the strength of bone surrounding Dr. Friedman’s implants after placement.

Instead of using man-made or cadaver bone after an extraction or in preparation for a dental implant, Dr. Friedman draws one vial of blood, similar to taking blood for a routine physical. The use of, PRF, protects the bony surgical site from infection, accelerates the healing process & decreases pain after a procedure. PRF is 100% natural with no additives or preservatives. The blood is drawn immediately prior to the procedure normally while the patient is getting numb for the surgery. The blood is then put into a centrifuge at 2700 rpms for 13 minutes. After 13 minutes, the blood is separated into 3 layers; clear liquid or plasma layer, red layer rich in red blood cells, & a yellow thick layer which is the PRF layer.

The PRF Layer is a yellow & thick jello-like biologic material derived from the patients’ blood. The PRF layer is rich in fibrin, platelets and growth factors. PRF is a much better alternative to sending a tooth removal patient home with an unfilled bony extraction socket or implant site.

If you have questions about this procedure or would like a complimentary consultation for dental implants or extractions with PRF, please call Jess today, 858-547-0070.

Trusted Dentist in San Diego Reveals Benefits of Mouthwash

November 22, 2017

Filed under: Scripps Ranch Cosmetic Dentistry — Dr. Greg Friedman @ 5:29 pm

bottle mouthwash glass mouthwahTonight’s the night and you want to make the absolute best impression that you can. It’s your first date and everything must be perfect. Your plans are to go to Balboa Park for a fun-filled evening of enjoying the sites, eating dinner, and having lively conversation. But your dentist in San Diego wants you to be sure that your breath stays fresh so that your date is a success.


Expert on Teeth Whitening in Scripps Ranch Talks Toothpaste Whiteners

Filed under: Scripps Ranch Cosmetic Dentistry — Dr. Greg Friedman @ 4:30 pm

You’ve heard the claims. Brand after brand of toothpaste competitors jostle for position in a saturated market, each saying that its label does the best job at whitening your teeth. But, the experts on teeth whitening in Ranch Scripps want you to have more information so that you can make the best decision on this topic. Find out if there is a better way to whiten your teeth.


Your Dentist in San Diego Explains 2 Ways to Align Teeth Without Braces

October 26, 2017

Filed under: Scripps Ranch Cosmetic Dentistry — Dr. Greg Friedman @ 8:30 pm

Man covering his smile.With the holidays fast approaching, your least favorite photo time of the year is at hand. Christmas party photos with co-workers, family photos, and selfies at holiday activities with friends. The photo opportunities are endless, and it puts butterflies in your stomach just thinking about it. You hate photos of any kind because you are embarrassed about your crooked teeth, but the thought of wearing metal braces for years doesn’t appeal to you either. What if you could align your teeth without wearing braces? Your dentist in San Diego explains how this may be possible!


Seltzer Water – Is it Harmful For Your Teeth?

October 6, 2017

Filed under: Scripps Ranch Cosmetic Dentistry — Dr. Greg Friedman @ 6:38 pm

A glass of seltzer water.You’ve replaced your soda habit with seltzer water! While getting rid of the sugar may be helping your overall health, what about your teeth? Could seltzer water still present a problem for your teeth? Your dentist in Scripps Ranch shares the truth about drinking seltzer water.


Your Dentist in San Diego Says Ditch These 3 Dental Fads

September 26, 2017

Filed under: Scripps Ranch Cosmetic Dentistry — Dr. Greg Friedman @ 4:17 pm

charcoalFrom pet rocks to gigapets (remember those?), fads capture people’s imaginations — and their wallets. But when it comes to your smile, a new fad that promises whiter and cleaner teeth, for example, may end up just damaging your smile instead.

As your dentist in San Diego, we’ve seen a lot of dental fads go awry. Others hang around for several years but don’t seem to really make all that much of a difference (and a lot of money goes down the drain in the meantime). To help you sort out fact from fiction, we evaluate the efficacy of three of the most common dental fads in this week’s blog post.


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