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Your Dentist in San Diego Says Ditch These 3 Dental Fads

September 26, 2017

Filed under: Scripps Ranch Cosmetic Dentistry — Dr. Greg Friedman @ 4:17 pm

charcoalFrom pet rocks to gigapets (remember those?), fads capture people’s imaginations — and their wallets. But when it comes to your smile, a new fad that promises whiter and cleaner teeth, for example, may end up just damaging your smile instead.

As your dentist in San Diego, we’ve seen a lot of dental fads go awry. Others hang around for several years but don’t seem to really make all that much of a difference (and a lot of money goes down the drain in the meantime). To help you sort out fact from fiction, we evaluate the efficacy of three of the most common dental fads in this week’s blog post.


Dentist in San Diego Talks How Stress Affects Your Oral Health

September 22, 2017

Filed under: Scripps Ranch Cosmetic Dentistry — Dr. Greg Friedman @ 4:22 pm

woman with a toothacheAs much as we try to cultivate a cool, calm, and relaxed vibe here in our part of the country, stress still manages to creep into the San Diego resident before a big meeting at work or when you’re stuck in downtown traffic.

Unfortunately, stress takes a big toll on public health. It accounts for 60% to 80% of visits to primary care doctors — and what does that mean for your smile? Your dentist in San Diego knows stress has a significant impact on otherwise healthy teeth. It may cause you to grind your teeth or clench your jaw, develop bad habits, or forget about the important steps that keep your oral health strong.


Dental Emergency? Contact Your San Diego Emergency Dentist Today!

August 25, 2017

Filed under: Scripps Ranch Cosmetic Dentistry — Dr. Greg Friedman @ 9:57 pm

man with toothacheEmergencies can happen anytime. Maybe Grandma takes a fall, or maybe there is an accident on I-5 that blocks traffic for hours. Urgent situations come in all shapes and sizes — they can even happen to your teeth. If you don’t receive prompt care in these circumstances, you could suffer painful or even long-term consequences. Your emergency dentist in San Diego is here to explain what constitutes a dental emergency and what you should do to protect your oral health.


Your Dentist Discusses Patient Amenities at MOD Squad Dental

August 21, 2017

Filed under: Scripps Ranch Cosmetic Dentistry — Dr. Greg Friedman @ 8:03 pm

woman at dental appointmentGoing to your dentist in San Diego shouldn’t be a chore. Rather, you should have a positive view of oral healthcare. After all, a healthy, beautiful smile can boost your confidence, help you eat a nutritious diet, and improve your overall quality of life. It’s an unfortunate fact that not all dentists offer amenities that make taking care of your pearly whites convenient and easy. At MOD Squad Dental, our goal is to make you feel like an honored guest.


San Diego Dentist Says: Oral Health Affects Overall Health

August 13, 2017

Filed under: Scripps Ranch Cosmetic Dentistry — Dr. Greg Friedman @ 7:05 pm

woman quits smoking, no smoking, woman with cigarette, say no to tobacco

When it comes to hygiene—especially oral hygiene—it affects your whole body, not just the part that you’re taking care of. Your mouth is a portal to the rest of your body and what you allow in it will also affect every part of you. That’s why your San Diego dentist with Mod Squad Dental is here to help you improve your oral health to better your overall health. Here are some ways that you can keep both your mouth and body in excellent shape.


Get the Most Out of Dental Implants in Scripps Ranch!

July 22, 2017

Filed under: Scripps Ranch Cosmetic Dentistry — Dr. Greg Friedman @ 6:21 pm

Dental implants in Scripps Ranch can last when you keep them clean and stay healthy. Are you considering getting a dental implant in Scripps Ranch? The possibility of having teeth replaced can be an exciting prospect! If dental implants are one of the dental restorations that you’re seriously considering, you may have a few questions about their longevity, the best way to care for them, and how to keep the new components of your smile strong.  Don’t worry, the Mod Squad is here to provide you all the information you need to get the most out of your dental implants!


Experience Does Matter With Dentistry at MOD Squad Dental

July 12, 2017

Example 1 of an implant placement to replace this front tooth #8 with Dr. Greg Friedman

Example 2 of a new patient we saw this week in the office with several implants including front teeth, #8, & #9

Often patients call our practice asking, “How much do you charge for dental implants”?  We, for the very reason illustrated in the two radiographs above do not quote fees over the phone.  My best advice to patients seeking a dental professional for minor or extensive dentistry is to do your research.

Do not just make your decision strictly from a quoted cost you received over the phone.  Experience does matter when it comes to dentistry.  From the materials used to the education of the dentist.  Just because a dentist claims to be a specialist for a particular procedure does not mean they are.  As proven in the above second radiograph completed by a “dental implant specialist”.  Use your online resources wisely.  Sites such as Yelp & Google are great tools to research a dentist and his/her practice.  But buyer beware!  “Just the other day I saw a “dental implant specialist” that had two Yelp accounts.  One with 2.5 stars and right next to it a new Yelp account under a different name with 5 stars for the same “dental implant specialist”, stated Dr. Friedman.  Both accounts do show next to each other when searching this particular practice.  This for example is something to be aware of and notice.

Our patient above has not or will not ever need a removable “flipper” or appliance at all during his implant process unlike other practices.  This puts our patients at ease and comfortable while going through the implant process.  At Mod Squad Dental, not only are our doctors looking for the implant placement to be functional but also aesthetically pleasing as if it were a real tooth.

If you have questions about replacing missing teeth or dental implants, call Mod Squad today for your complimentary consultation…

Because experience does matter!!!

2 Types of Unique Sedation from a Dentist in Scripps Ranch

June 21, 2017

Filed under: Scripps Ranch Cosmetic Dentistry — Dr. Greg Friedman @ 7:30 pm

Does a disabled family member need sedation services from a dentist in Scripps Ranch?There are countless reasons why someone may be afraid to sit in the dental chair—or they simply physically can’t for an extended amount of time. Whether it be anxiety, anticipated discomfort, or even special needs, MOD Squad Dental has unique sedation services that can help any patient relax. One of the highest priorities of our office is making sure that all our patients can receive the dental care they need and deserve pleasantly and comfortably. That’s why we proudly offer sedation dentistry. When you choose to visit a dentist in Scripps Ranch that specializes in sedation, you’re ensuring that you’ll experience a new level of relaxation during your dental appointments.


MOD Squad Dental Welcomes Dr. Kory Grahl to our Dental Home

Dr. Friedman would like to introduce a new bright smile that will be gracing the halls of MOD Squad Dental, Dr. Kory Grahl, DMD.
Because of the continuous increase of new patients and MOD Squad Dental never settling for less than 5 star customer service and treatment, Dr. Friedman would like to welcome Dr. Grahl as a new member to our dental family. Dr. Grahl will be accepting new patients as well as seeing our existing patients that would benefit from our new expanding days and/or hours.

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Dr. Grahl graduated from Rancho Bernardo High School with an undergraduate degree from Western New England University in Springfield, Massachusetts. Dr. Grahl played NCAA Division III Ice Hockey, serving as team captain his Junior and Senior year leading their team to their first playoff victory in 20 years. He then continued on to the University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Dental Medicine, finishing top 5 in the class, graduating with honors, Cum Laude, and inducted into Omicron Kappa Upsilon Honorary Dental Society.

Outside of our dental home, Dr. Grahl enjoys being active in the community with ice hockey, anything outdoors, and looks forward to his upcoming wedding in the summer of 2018 to his beautiful finance’, Rachael.

“With the expansion of our practice, I have been searching for the perfect fit for an associate dentist. Kory exudes the kindness and bedside manner I want my patients to experience when visiting MOD Squad Dental,” Dr. Greg Friedman shared.

Walk Through Your 1st Visit with a Dentist in Scripps Ranch

June 11, 2017

Filed under: Scripps Ranch Cosmetic Dentistry — Dr. Greg Friedman @ 7:34 pm

How can your dentist in Scripps Ranch help your oral health?Visiting the dentist isn’t always everyone’s favorite thing to do. In fact, a portion of the American population has dental phobia—30 to 40 million people to be exact. When you visit your dentist in Scripps Ranch, Dr. Greg Friedman, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. We take pride in offering patients expert support and modern services that they need to keep a healthy, beautiful smile for years to come. Still nervous about visiting our office for the first time? We’re here to walk you through what to expect when you visit MOD Squad Dental for the first time and why it’s so important to do so.


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