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No Insurance? No Problem! Your Dentist In Scripps Ranch Saves You Money

April 17, 2017

Filed under: Scripps Ranch Cosmetic Dentistry — Dr. Greg Friedman @ 1:11 pm

If you don’t have dental insurance, you can still get the care you need from your dentist in Scripps Ranch with our Dental Savings Club.You hate to admit it, but it’s been years since you’ve seen the dentist. You’ve been without dental insurance in Scripps Ranch for the longest and just can’t afford to get the professional oral healthcare you need. Although you take excellent care of your teeth at home, you know you have at least one cavity, and you really need to get this taken care of. What can you do? With Mod Squad Dental’s Saving Club, you can receive the quality dental care you need without breaking the bank. Find out how your superior dentist in Scripps Ranch saves your smile – and your money – in this post.


MOD Squad Dental and Dr. Friedman Featured in San Diego Magazine as 2017 Top Dentists

April 4, 2017



Thousands of dentists & dental specialists in the San Diego metropolitan area were asked to vote on who they thought were the TOP DENTISTS of 2017 based on years of experience, continuing education, manner with their patients, use of new techniques & technology in their practice, and of course, physical results.

Based on the thousands of detailed evaluations of these dental professionals, we are proud to say Dr. Friedman & his extraordinary team are featured in the April 2017.

Pick up your copy today & find out why Dr. Friedman & his squad maintain 5 stars on Yelp, Google+, Judy’s Book, & A+ rating on Angie’s List.

Dr. Friedman & his team are always accepting new patients into their dental family. Call today 858-547-0070, & schedule your visit with the best of the best for today’s dentistry.

How The Mod Squad Focus Makes The Superior Dentist In Scripps Ranch

March 23, 2017

Filed under: Scripps Ranch Cosmetic Dentistry — Dr. Greg Friedman @ 2:54 am

How does the Mod Squad Focus create the best dentist in Scripps Ranch? Find out in this article. San Diego is beautiful – beautiful beaches, beautiful parks, and beautiful smiles. And at Mod Squad Dental we know just how important having a radiant grin is. That’s why we developed our Mod Squad Focus approach that allows us to provide the most comprehensive, aesthetically pleasing smile upgrades for every patient, no matter how complex the issues are. In this post, learn more about your premier dentist in Scripps Ranch, and find out how the Mod Squad Focus can give you the smile of your dreams.



Featured Smile Make-Over & the Hardest Procedure for all Cosmetic Dentists

March 1, 2017


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Facts About Dr. Friedman’s Porcelain Crowns & Veneers & Our Featured Smile of the Week Featuring the Hardest Procedure for all Cosmetic Dentists…

This patient came to us with three existing root canals as a youngster. Three of his upper four teeth were damaged in an accident when he was younger. After the three root canals were completed as a child, the teeth turned grey. This is normal with root canals because the tooth is basically dead from the removal of the nerve inside the root of each tooth. Bonding was placed when he was younger & now that he is grown & his face has matured, the patient is ready for a more permanent, natural procedure for his smile.
Dr. Friedman placed three upper full coverage porcelain crowns with his unique “blocking out method” to block the grey tone of the patient’s root canal teeth & one porcelain veneer giving this patient a natural smile all while saving his natural teeth in the process.  This is the most difficult for cosmetic dentists using the latest in porcelain restoration materials because the best porcelain materials are translucent.  Without Dr. Friedman’s “blocking out method” the dark tone of the root canal teeth would show through usually not matching the veneer tooth to which the root is much lighter in shade because of no root canal.  As you can see, this “blocking out method” worked beautifully and his upper four teeth match the rest of his smile that we whitened before the porcelain was placed with our in-office, Zoom teeth whitening procedure.
~Fact 1) Dr. Friedman is able to change your smile shape, tooth color, smile width, & straighten teeth in as little as two visits with porcelain restorations. Bonus: The porcelain restorations Dr. Friedman uses will never, change color, shape or size, no matter how much RED Wine you drink…..EVER!
~Fact 2) Dr. Friedman uses Cad Cam 3-D technology to build your porcelain restoration/s for the perfect fit that feels & looks just like your natural teeth. Bonus: (No messy impressions for your crown, veneer or porcelain restorations)
~Fact 3) Dr. Friedman uses the strongest porcelain material available to state of the art dentists that are free of all metals often used by other dentists. Bonus: (No grey lines showing at the gumline, & your crowns & veneers will not “glow” in photos like metal filled crowns do, but they will blend with your natural teeth in your smile line making for great photos every time)
~Fact 4) Dr. Friedman is so confident in his technology, materials, & skilled workmanship, MOD Squad Dental offers a warranty to all their patients after treatment.
Bonus: Think this one speaks for itself!
If you are interested in any general, cosmetic, orthodontic, or restorative dental procedures, including dental implants, call Jess today to reserve your complimentary consultation 858-547-0070.
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Your Dentist In Scripps Ranch Eliminates Jaw Pain & TMJD

February 16, 2017

Filed under: Scripps Ranch Cosmetic Dentistry — Dr. Greg Friedman @ 2:02 pm

If you have TMJD or pain in jaw, you don’t have to suffer any more. Visit your dentist in Scripps Ranch and get the relief you need. You used to love caramels – they always satisfied your sweet tooth. But lately, you’ve had to give up your favorite snack because your jaw ached when chewing the tough candy. You’ve also noticed that your jaw hurts when you talk on the phone. Now that this is impacting more than just your sweet treat selection, you decided to see your dentist in Scripps Ranch for treatment. Dr. Greg Friedman at Mod Squad Dental found the problem – you’re suffering from TMJ Disorder. Find out all about this painful jaw condition, and how you can treat it, in this post.


Dentist in Scripps Ranch, CA offers The Wand

January 24, 2017

Afraid of needles and syringes? Don’t be! Dr. Friedman, an innovative dentist in Scripps Ranch, CA uses The Wand instead.You’re enjoying a well-earned breakfast with your family at Nutmeg Bakery and Café and you can’t wait to dig into their famous brioche French toast you come back for time and time again. You take that first bite – expecting everything to be delicious – but instead of enjoying the great taste, you see stars from a sore tooth. You finally admit it – this tooth has been hurting for way too long. But, just the thought of having any dentist in Scripps Ranch, CA use a syringe to numb your sore tooth before they actually fix the problem makes you break out in a cold sweat. What can you do? You can see Dr. Friedman at Mod Squad Dental since their team uses The Wand, a new technology that makes painful syringes a thing of the past.


Teeth Whitening in Scripps Ranch, CA

January 12, 2017

Thinking about teeth whitening in Scripps Ranch this 2017? Mod Squad Dental offers long-term solutions. It’s New Year’s Eve and you’re at a great party at the Sevilla Nightclub San Diego celebrating with the prettiest girl in the room. The clock counts down: 10-9-8…You lean in for a kiss and start the new year off right. As you pull back to gaze into the eyes of your sweetheart, you smile, everything goes awry. You remember how yellow your teeth look from all the coffee you drank last year. You’re suddenly self-conscious and can’t focus on how lucky you are to be with such a wonderful girl. Pulling yourself together, you know 2017 will be different. This year, you’ll see Dr. Greg Friedman at Mod Squad dental and actually follow through on the teeth whitening in Scripps Ranch that you’ve been contemplating for years.


Featured Smile of the Week Utilizing Porcelain Veneers

January 11, 2017


This is when you know #ExperienceMatters

We could not wait to share this groom’s new smile. With his upcoming wedding, he is thrilled to be “test driving” his temporary veneers this week. Yes!! They are his TEMPORARY veneers!! He is very tall but has worn his teeth very flat. With these amazing temporary veneers, there is no guessing what his final porcelain veneers will look like. We will be tweaking a couple edges & curves in the finals. We can not wait to share those photos soon. Remember a smile should be like a fingerprint…each different…never the same!

If you or someone you know is interested in cosmetic dentistry, or would like to discuss their options, call today, 858-547-0070, and reserve your complimentary consultation with Dr. Friedman and his squad at MOD Squad Dental.

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FAST Treatment with your Emergency Dentist in Scripps Ranch

December 16, 2016

Filed under: Scripps Ranch Cosmetic Dentistry — Dr. Greg Friedman @ 5:31 pm

When should I visit my emergency dentist in Scripps Ranch?You see an ambulance race by, lights blaring, and you sigh. You hope whoever is in it is going to be alright. It’s nice that there is a plan in place for when things go very wrong. If you find yourself in an emergency, you just call 911 and you know you’ll be taken care of. However, this isn’t the best course of action if the emergency has to do with your teeth. Emergency rooms aren’t equipped to help you, so what should you do, where should you go? Today, Dr. Greg Friedman, your emergency dentist in Scripps Ranch, wants to help you have a plan should you or your family ever have a dental emergency. (more…)

How To Spot A Problem with Your TMJ in Scripps Ranch

December 9, 2016

Filed under: Scripps Ranch Cosmetic Dentistry — Dr. Greg Friedman @ 4:50 pm

Do you have a problem with your TMJ in Scripps Ranch?Your low hum of a headache is now fully blaring to where it is the only thing you can focus on. You look at the clock and realize its only 9AM. You’ve already taken 4 pills to help, and it’s only getting worse. You feel stuck. You get these headaches all the time, and nothing seems to help. All the headache medicine you’ve ever taken doesn’t work, so what is causing this pain? Something a lot of people don’t know is that chronic headaches can often come from your jaw. A strained, misaligned jaw can lead to a myriad of problems; could it be the source of your headaches? Dr. Greg Friedman wants you to know a little more about your TMJ in Scripps Ranch, and how treating it could be the solution you need. (more…)

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