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Featured Smile of the Week

July 18, 2012



This story touches my heart as this patient has a great personality and career that was not being represented by his current smile.  This patient had not visited a dentist for many years but desired help for his teeth and oral health.  He will need extensive surgical procedures for his bone loss and to place permanent fixed dental restorations in the future.  Dr. Friedman discussed with the patient his option for the use of a Snap on Smile.  After the patient was cleaned with our dental hygienist, Doc Friedman did caries control removing all his current cavities.  Doc Friedman took some impressions of his teeth and together with Snap on Smile developed a smile this patient could wear with confidence until he is able to proceed with his more permanent treatment and additional procedures.  The final smile speaks for itself.

If you are interested in this case or more details on Snap on Smiles, phone Jessica today. 858-547-0070

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