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Simple but Effective Results with Cosmetic Bonding

August 20, 2013

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cosmetic bondingA beautiful smile will help you enjoy better confidence. Sometimes, though, an accident, injury, or something else can result in teeth that are chipped, cracked, or slightly misaligned. That can put a serious damper on your confidence. But thankfully, renewed confidence can be yours with a cosmetic dentistry service like cosmetic bonding.

What Is Cosmetic Bonding?

Cosmetic bonding transforms teeth using composite resin, the same material used by dentists for tooth-colored fillings. Composite resin is a strong material, and it can be shaded and polished to produce natural-looking results. What’s more, cosmetic bonding is a one-visit procedure. That means that after just a short appointment, you can return to your normal schedule with a beautiful smile.

Here’s what you can expect from your appointment.

First, your San Diego cosmetic dentist will complete a thorough oral exam to determine your needs. If cosmetic bonding is right for you, he can give you the care you need easily, within just one appointment. All he has to do is apply a small amount of composite material to the tooth that needs attention. Then, once the color has been matched to the rest of your smile, he’ll polish it down and put the finishing touches on your procedure. Afterwards, you can leave your San Diego dental office with the restored smile you’ve been dreaming of.

Call your Sandi Diego cosmetic dentist for an appointment or to learn more about cosmetic bonding.

Porcelain Veneers San Diego

April 18, 2013

Steve Delong _ Face_04-17-13

Featured Smile of the Week…WOW!!
This patient wanted a straighter, whiter smile. Dr. Friedman spoke to the patient about upper porcelain veneers to enhance his smile. The patient had an existing cross bite which over time damaged the patients upper teeth. Dr. Friedman first had to straighten his lower teeth and “make room” for the upper veneers. Dr. Friedman explained to the patient, “If your current bite damaged your natural teeth, why wouldn’t it damage your new one?” The patient was placed in lower braces for 5 months before his upper porcelain restorations were placed. The patient now has a beautiful, natural smile as well as his bite being corrected.
If you ever wondered your own options for a smile make-over, phone Jessica today for your complimentary consultation and digitally enhanced before and after photos. 858-547-0070

Featured “Smile” of the Week

August 16, 2012

Before Picture                                     Before Picture-Lingual View

After Bonding-Smile                       After Bonding-Close up

Oopsi—— This 16 year old had a skate board accident.  He broke 2 front teeth in his smile line.  The breaks were really deep penetrating the nerve of each tooth.  Dr. Friedman bonded both teeth with composite material matching his surrounding teeth perfectly.

Dr. Friedman discussed with the patient and his family the possibility of the teeth turning  gray in days, weeks, or even years later from the nerve damage.  If this were to happen, Dr. Friedman would place all porcelain crowns on the two teeth matching the rest of his surrounding teeth and smile.

Dr. Friedman is very conservative and will always discuss treatment giving the patients a better understanding of their dental situation.  This patient was very pleased with his result.


August 14, 2012

C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S to the Leung family for winning the Grand Give Away at our recent Taco Madness Patient Appreciation 2012!!!!!
The Leung family won a complimentary adult/child orthodontic case or $4000.00 toward an upper 8 porcelain smile make-over.
Congrats again Leung family,
From Doc Friedman & Mod Squad Dental

Featured Smile of the Week

July 18, 2012



This story touches my heart as this patient has a great personality and career that was not being represented by his current smile.  This patient had not visited a dentist for many years but desired help for his teeth and oral health.  He will need extensive surgical procedures for his bone loss and to place permanent fixed dental restorations in the future.  Dr. Friedman discussed with the patient his option for the use of a Snap on Smile.  After the patient was cleaned with our dental hygienist, Doc Friedman did caries control removing all his current cavities.  Doc Friedman took some impressions of his teeth and together with Snap on Smile developed a smile this patient could wear with confidence until he is able to proceed with his more permanent treatment and additional procedures.  The final smile speaks for itself.

If you are interested in this case or more details on Snap on Smiles, phone Jessica today. 858-547-0070

Sneak Preview of Our Featured Smile of the Week 07/06/2012

July 6, 2012

This patient was so afraid of going to the dentist and stayed away as long as possible. She has been engaged for some time now and dreamed of taking her wedding portraits with a smile that represented her excitement inside. As a wedding gift she has started her journey to a smile she can share with the world. We have seen this patient for her first of three appointments to complete her treatment. Doc Friedman was able to do several hours of her dental work as the patient decided on conscious sedation for her appointment. Because of the sedation process, Doc was able to spend several hours with the patient allowing her entire treatment to be completed in only 3 appointments. The picture attached is her before photo and the one to follow is her smile with her temporary veneer restorations. We will be seeing her again later this month. You are going to want to follow up on this amazing story as I know the end result will be one to smile about.

Featured Smile of the Week

June 14, 2012

Before face portrait

After face portrait (still wearing lower braces)


This patient flew in from Louisiana on a Friday and stayed for one week in San Diego.  She had visited with Doc Friedman and Jessica over the phone via video skype and discussed her options of treatment for the desired smile she had been wanted for many years.  She planned on getting as much work done on this visit as possible.  Dr. Friedman saw this patient for her first visit and did all of her pre-treatment procedures.  We took several before photos and digitally enhanced them to give her an idea of her desired smile.  Dr. Friedman and Jessica gave their options on the shape that would look best with her hair color, skin tone, height, and weight.  All of these factors to make a difference for the end result.  She was placed in braces on the first visit and on the very next day we sedated the patient with conscious sedation and prepared her upper 8 teeth for her porcelain veneers.  The pictures below are her before photo and her after photo with temporary veneers.  She will be wearing her temporaries for 6 days while her final porcelain veneers are being generated.  Dr. Friedman prefers his patients to wear temporary restorations as this is their “test drive before buying the car”.  Any changes the patient would like to make would be made during this period.  She will return to the office for one final visit to place the final porcelain veneers on her upper 8 teeth creating a gorgeous smile.  With the advancements with orthodontic material and technique, she will only been seen 3-4 visits to complete the straightening process of her lower teeth.

“WOW!!! I never could have imagined how changing my smile could change the way I speak to people and how it gives me so much more confidence in my everyday life.  Thanks Dr. Greg & Mod Squad Dental”!!

Suzanne B.

Featured Smile of The Week

June 8, 2012

This patient visited the office after not seeing a dentist for several years.  He was seen by one of our hygienist and was told “NO CAVITIES”.  He was interested in bleaching his teeth.  2 days after his cleaning he was seen for a 90 minute Zoom whitening procedure and bleached out 5 shades lighter.  He was very pleased and was given home maintenance trays to continue with his bleaching at his preference at home. Great Result!!

Featured Smile of the Week

May 23, 2012


Left photo: Patient flashing her smile makeover. Right photo: taken before her smile makeover

This patient has been a long time patient of Dr. Friedman and Mod Squad Dental.  After moving to Hong Kong and deciding she was ready for a smile makeover, she could not imagine working with any other dentist.  After taking impressions and deciding with Dr. Friedman on her ideal smile shape and color, she looks fabulous.  She had a beautiful smile before but wanted a wider, brighter smile.  This patient had some white composite fillings within her smile that over time had changed color.  The size of her teeth were very comparable to the end result she desired.  After two appointments with Dr. Friedman the end result speaks for itself.  AMAZING!!!!

Featured Smile of the Week

April 24, 2012


This patient had been to several dentists and had several procedures done to her front 4 teeth.  She originally had spaces between her upper 4 teeth and wanted to know her options to close them.  When we saw the patient for her complimentary consultation appointment, she had bonding (composite material) placed on her upper 4 teeth with another dentist. She did not like the result.  As you can see in her before picture inset to the left, the bonding was several different colors on the front 4 teeth and the gum levels were not even and very low.  Dr. Friedman did some gum recontouring with his laser on the front 4 teeth making the gum levels even and taking away excess gum tissue.  The patient then did the Zoom in-office whitening system on her entire mouth.  After achieving her ideal shade, Dr. Friedman placed upper 4 porcelain veneers.  With 3 visits, this patient final got the results for her smile she had been searching for.  What a GREAT smile!!

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