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Scripps Ranch Dentist-MOD Squad Dental-Featured Smile of the Week

July 3, 2014


Smile make-over utilizing upper 4 porcelain veneers on this doll.  She had a reverse smile initially.  She whitened her teeth with our in-office Zoom whitening procedure then Dr. Friedman placed upper 4 porcelain veneers. Beautiful!!

Porcelain Veneers Scripps Ranch Dentist-Featured Smile of the Week

May 7, 2014

D.S.retracted.b.aDorothy.S _ b.a.faceWe would like to introduce our lovely patient, Dorothy.  She has been chosen as our featured smile of the week.  Dorothy visited the office for her complimentary cosmetic consultation.  She was interested in a whiter smile that she could be proud of.  Dorothy had existing bonding on her front 4 teeth that had been placed some time ago.  Over the years her bonding stained and chipped with natural wear.   Dr. Friedman spoke to the patient about whitening her teeth with home whitening trays and our favorite whitening products by Opalescence.  Once whitened,  Dr. Friedman removed Dorothy’s existing bonding & placed upper 4 porcelain veneers.  The patient was thrilled to show off her new smile on her cruise through Europe.

If you or someone you know is interested in cosmetic dentistry, give Jess a call today for your complimentary consultation & smile imaging make-over. 858-547-0070

Dentist, Scripps Ranch-Smile Make-Over with Porcelain Veneers & Lower Braces

January 22, 2014

Marketing.b.a.Simply beautiful final smile!  This patient had a reverse smile and crowding on his lowers.  This bite caused the patient to wear his upper 4 teeth into a reverse smile.  Dr. Friedman removed a lower front tooth to create space and placed the patient in lower braces.  When the braces were removed and the patient’s bite corrected, Dr. Friedman placed upper 4 porcelain veneers.  What a before and after!!

Porcelain Veneers Scripps Ranch California

November 21, 2013


Sneak Peek at our Featured Smile of the Week…This patient was interested in porcelain veneers after wearing down his front 4 teeth.  This is a sneak peek of his smile after in-office whitening with Zoom 2, lower braces, and placing upper 4 veneers.  His entire story and photos soon to follow.  Check back for his WOW before and after photos.

If you are interested in porcelain veneers or would like to discuss your options for a smile make-over, phone Jess at MOD Squad Dental today 858-547-0070 to schedule your complimentary consultation and photo shoot.

Porcelain Veneers San Diego California

November 5, 2013


Monica’s story….

This patient visited with Dr. Friedman for a complimentary consultation eager to learn options for her smile utilizing porcelain veneers.  The patient was a grinder and her front four teeth suffered from this.  The patient’s front four teeth were worn, thin, and discolored.

During the patient’s cosmetic consultation, Dr. Friedman took some digital photos. Dr.  Friedman then digitally enhanced the patient’s before photos, giving her an idea of what porcelain veneers would look like enhancing her existing smile.  Dr. Friedman spoke to the patient about laser gum recontouring, or removing excess gum tissue in her smile line.  This would give the patient a larger smile.  Dr. Friedman spoke to the patient about her options for whitening her teeth.  Dr. Friedman recommended ninety minute Zoom in- office procedure for a whiter smile and then placing four porcelain veneers on her upper four teeth to match the lighter color of her remaining smile line.

The patient was seen by Dr. Friedman and the MOD Squad Team for two office visits.  The above before and after photos show her amazing results.  Monica could not have been happier with her new smile and just loves when her family & friends notice and comment on her pearly whites!

If you or some one you know is interested in porcelain veneers or cosmetic dentistry, call Jess today, 858-547-0070 for your complimentary consultation.

Porcelain Veneers San Diego California

August 22, 2013


Porcelain Veneers San Diego CA-Featured Smile of the Week…Updated final photos for this beautiful patient. You may remember a view weeks ago, we posted her before photo along side of her imaged photo giving this patient an idea of what her smile could look like by utilizing porcelain veneers. Well, these are her final before and after photos. AMAZING!! This patient wanted to enhance her smile for many years but was hesitant. She was completed in 2 visits giving her the opportunity to test drive her new smile before the finals were placed. She adores her new smile and we are just thrilled she chose Mod Squad Dental & Dr. Friedman for her smile make-over experience. 

If you or a loved one is interested in this or any procedure utilized by Dr. Friedman and MOD Squad Dental, phone Jess today 858-547-0070 for your complimentary cosmetic consultation & smile imaged before and after photos.

Porcelain Veneers San Diego California-Before and After Photos

July 25, 2013


Porcelain Veneers San Diego CA-Featured Smile of the Week…Some of you may remember this pretty face a couple of posts back.  This patient wanted a brighter, wider smile that she felt comfortable rocking daily.  Below are her before and after photos.  And WOW……what a great smile this patient has now.  She loves her smile and not to sound cliche’…..can not stop smiling!!! Congratulations to her from our entire team at MOD Squad and Dr. Friedman.

If you are interested in your smile possibilities, phone Jess today for your complimentary consultation.  858-547-0070

Porcelain Veneers San Diego

July 19, 2013


Porcelain Veneers San Diego CA- We are super excited for this patient and her upcoming smile make-over with Dr. Friedman & MOD Squad Dental. The digitally enhanced photo attached was presented to the patient at her complimentary cosmetic dental consultation. The patient has lived with tetracycline stains on her teeth and wished for a brighter, wider smile that expressed her fun loving personality. Make sure to check back for her smile make-over before & after photos.

If you or someone you know would like a complimentary cosmetic consultation and complimentary smile make-over digitally enhanced before and after photo call Jess today 858-547-0070

Porcelain Veneers San Diego

June 21, 2013


Maybe you do not like your smile but have no idea of your options. Dr. Friedman & MOD Squad Dental offer complimentary digital photo imaging. We are super excited for this patient & her upcoming smile make-over. The digitally enhanced photo was created during her consultation with Dr. Friedman. This photo actually gave the patient an idea of what her smile could be by utilizing porcelain veneers to enhance her smile. Check back soon for her before and after photos 🙂

Call Jess today for your complimentary digital enhanced photo shoot 858-547-0070.



Smile Make-Over Imaging! Have you ever thought about what you would look like with a different smile?

January 17, 2013

Looks like February is going to be a great month for SMILE MAKE-OVERS!!!!  Patients love Dr. Friedman’s complimentary smile make-over consultations.  At this visit digital photos are taken and within minutes the patient is able to see their face with a new, brighter, whiter, wider smile.  This gives the patients an idea of the many possibilities of a new smile for themselves.  As you can see from the photo below, changing a person’s smile only, changes the entire appearance of the face, mouth and lips.  This patient was so impressed with her digitally enhanced photos, she will have a new smile by Valentines Day.

If you are someone you know desires a new smile, give Jessica a call today for your complimentary smile make-over imaging.  858-547-0070

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