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Featured Smile Utilizing Invisalign & Carriere Appliance

August 24, 2021

Dr. Friedman placed the carriere appliance for phase I of this patients orthodontic treatment plan. This appliance is utilized to correct the patients bite before her Invisalign clear braces are started. This phase of treatment will also shorten the wear time for Phase II in her Invisalign clear aligners. Beautiful results for a beautiful patient! If you wish to find out more about your options for a straighter smile, call Jess or Riley today to schedule your complimentary consultation. 858-547-0070

Smile Make-Over Imaging! Have you ever thought about what you would look like with a different smile?

January 17, 2013

Looks like February is going to be a great month for SMILE MAKE-OVERS!!!!  Patients love Dr. Friedman’s complimentary smile make-over consultations.  At this visit digital photos are taken and within minutes the patient is able to see their face with a new, brighter, whiter, wider smile.  This gives the patients an idea of the many possibilities of a new smile for themselves.  As you can see from the photo below, changing a person’s smile only, changes the entire appearance of the face, mouth and lips.  This patient was so impressed with her digitally enhanced photos, she will have a new smile by Valentines Day.

If you are someone you know desires a new smile, give Jessica a call today for your complimentary smile make-over imaging.  858-547-0070

Sneak Preview of Our Featured Smile of the Week 07/06/2012

July 6, 2012

This patient was so afraid of going to the dentist and stayed away as long as possible. She has been engaged for some time now and dreamed of taking her wedding portraits with a smile that represented her excitement inside. As a wedding gift she has started her journey to a smile she can share with the world. We have seen this patient for her first of three appointments to complete her treatment. Doc Friedman was able to do several hours of her dental work as the patient decided on conscious sedation for her appointment. Because of the sedation process, Doc was able to spend several hours with the patient allowing her entire treatment to be completed in only 3 appointments. The picture attached is her before photo and the one to follow is her smile with her temporary veneer restorations. We will be seeing her again later this month. You are going to want to follow up on this amazing story as I know the end result will be one to smile about.

Featured Smile of the Week

April 24, 2012


This patient had been to several dentists and had several procedures done to her front 4 teeth.  She originally had spaces between her upper 4 teeth and wanted to know her options to close them.  When we saw the patient for her complimentary consultation appointment, she had bonding (composite material) placed on her upper 4 teeth with another dentist. She did not like the result.  As you can see in her before picture inset to the left, the bonding was several different colors on the front 4 teeth and the gum levels were not even and very low.  Dr. Friedman did some gum recontouring with his laser on the front 4 teeth making the gum levels even and taking away excess gum tissue.  The patient then did the Zoom in-office whitening system on her entire mouth.  After achieving her ideal shade, Dr. Friedman placed upper 4 porcelain veneers.  With 3 visits, this patient final got the results for her smile she had been searching for.  What a GREAT smile!!

Dr. Greg Friedman-Smile Imaging Software Showing Patients Possible Smiles

January 23, 2012

(digital enhanced photo)

This patient visited Dr. Friedman asking for a new smile.  She had a root canal when she was younger on 1 of her front 2 teeth.  Afterward, the dentist placed “bonding” or composite filling material on the tooth.  The patient at the time was not finish growing and bonding was the temporary choice to restore her tooth after the root canal.  Now that the patient is older, and her facial features are mature, Dr. Friedman spoke to her about a more permanent procedure by placing 2 porcelain restorations on her front 2 teeth.  Dr. Friedman suggested to the patient that she bleach her teeth with our in-office whitening process, Zoom 2, to give her the optimal color choice as her porcelain restorations will never change color and/or shape.  The patient also mentioned she did not like her “gummy smile”.  Dr. Friedman and the patient decided they would do a procedure to expose more of her natural tooth and remove the excess gum tissue on her upper 8 teeth utilizing the laser for fast and predictable healing.  Dr. Friedman imaged the patients before photo and gave her some ideas of her many possibilities of changing her smile.

Visit us again to see her final result and changed smile.  I simply can not wait!!

Featured Smile of the Week With Dental Porcelain Veneers

October 25, 2011


This patient visited Dr. Friedman’s office for her complimentary consultation with photos in hand of the ideal smile that would complete her make-over with dental porcelain veneers.  This patient decided it was time to “take care of herself” with a healthy diet and exercise plan which resulted in her losing weight and feeling better about herself as a whole.  Her last wish was a wider, brighter, smile.  After discussing with Dr. Friedman her thoughts of her ideal smile, Dr. Friedman photo imaged a new smile on her  using a series of photos Dr. Friedman’s assistant, Jessica, took at the beginning of the consultation.  She was able to see several different smiles on her face giving her a better understanding and expectations of the smile she so desired.  After seeing Dr. Friedman for 2 visits this patient was able to show her family and friends the smile she always knew she could have utilizing 10 state of the art dental porcelain veneers.

If you are interested in viewing  your smile make-over images, or have questions about this or other procedures by Dr. Friedman, please phone the office and speak to Jessica for our complimentary consulation today.

Porcelain Veneers Created Another Amazing Smile

January 27, 2011

Claudio works overseas and his boss suggested he see Dr. Friedman as she did for porcelain veneers to enhance his smile.  He flew in to see Dr. Friedman for a consultation, molds of his teeth, and a detailed treatment plan was discussed.  The patient was seen the next day for his first of 2 appointments.  The result was amazing and the patient could not be more ecstatic!!

Thanks Mod Squad for an amazing job. 🙂

Featured Smile of the Week…..

October 12, 2010

This patient has been a long term patient of Dr. Friedman.  As this patients’ teeth and facial features matured, Dr. Friedman and his parents discussed that his teeth were naturally small but his bite was perfect.  Not to alter the patients’ bite Dr. Friedman placed 8 prep-less porcelain veneers to enhance the color, shape, and size of his teeth.  When using prepless veneers, the natural tooth is not prepped, smoothed down, or altered in any way.  The procedure was completed in 2 visits and the patient and his parents were thrilled.

If you are interested in prepless veneers call today to schedule your complimentary imaging appointment to see if you are a candidate for this state of the art procedure.  858-547-0070