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Chao Pinhole Technique

In July of 2015, Dr. Friedman is proud to be one of the first DMD physicians to become certified for the revolutionary gum rejuvenating procedure, The Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique. He was certified before most periodontists were on-board, certified, and willing to try this new amazing procedure. Dr. Friedman is honored to be one of the few physicians to offer this procedure in periodontal care mainly because of the benefits compared to the traditional gum grafting techniques previously offered.

The Pinhole Technique ensures his patients' comfort, and gum rejuvenating satisfaction in both function and appearance. This corrects the most common effects of gum recession, like extreme sensitivity, or making teeth appear longer in length or feel loose. The Chao Pinhole® Technique eliminates the need for scalpels or messy sutures all together, allowing you to lay back and relax as our team corrects and minimizes the gum recession you've experienced.

During this treatment, Dr. Friedman will create a very small hole in the gums with a special needle. This special, advanced instrument is used to carefully loosen your gum tissue and "curtain" it back into a healthy position over the tooth – that’s it! The lack of any cutting or stitching of the tissue should reduce any post-operative bleeding or swelling. There are always the definite and enjoyable cosmetic benefits to the procedure in addition to improved oral health.

For more information on Dr Friedman's expertise using the Chao Pinhole technique, please see here.