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Everyone needs dental care – why not have fun in the process? Join our one-in-a-million dental practice and change your expectations of how a dental practice SHOULD BE.

Commonly Asked Dental Questions

As an optimum care dental practice, we strongly believe our patients deserve the best possible services we can provide. In an effort to maintain a high quality of care, we would like to share some facts about dental insurance with you.

FACT #1: Your dental insurance is based upon a contract made between your employer and an insurance company. Should questions arise regarding your dental insurance benefits, it is best for you to contact your employer or insurance company directly.

FACT #2: Dental insurance benefits differ greatly from general health insurance benefits. In 1971, your dental insurance benefits were approximately $1000 per year. Some 35 years later, you will note that your benefits are still $1000 per year. Figuring a 6% rate of inflation per year, you should be receiving over $5000 per year in dental benefits. Your premiums have increased, but your benefits have not. Therefore, dental insurance is never a pay-all; it is only an aid.

FACT #3: You may receive notification from your insurance company stating that dental fees are “higher than usual and customary”. An insurance company surveys a geographic area, calculates an average fee, takes 80% of that fee and considers it customary. Included in this survey are discount dental clinics and managed care facilities, which bring down the average. Any doctor in a high quality private practice will have fees that insurance companies define as higher than “usual and customary.”

FACT #4: Many plans tell their participants that they will be covered “up to 80% or up to 100%” but do not clearly specify plan schedule allowance, annual maximum, or limitations. It is more realistic to expect dental insurance to cover 35% to 65% of major services. Remember, the amount a plan pays is determined by how much the employer paid for the plan. You get back only what your employer put in, less the profits of the insurance company.

FACT #5: Many routine dental services are NOT covered by insurance companies.

Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have about insurance and our office policies.

Spread The Joy...Refer a Friend

Spread the joy! Refer a friend to MOD Squad Dental and they’ll receive $50.00 toward their family dental account.

Payment Options

Our doctors and staff are proud to be part of a team whose primary mission is to deliver the finest and most comprehensive dental services available.  In order to assist you with the investment in your dental health, we have outlined our payment policy below.

You are expected to pay for your office visits at the time of service.  We gladly accept cash, check, credit, or debit cards.  We also work with most major dental insurances and offer third party financing options.  We do offer a courtesy adjustment for cash or check payments and for prepayment of treatment. 

Third party financing gives our patients the opportunity to take control of their dental needs and treatment before more extensive treatment is needed.  We work with the following financing companies that offer both 6 to 12 month interest free plans.

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Dental insurance can be confusing....PPO, DHMO, HMO, indemnity?  Dr. Friedman and MOD Squad Dental are happy to work with most major dental insurance companies.  We file your dental claims as a courtesy to our patients.  You will always be presented with a detailed treatment plan before any and all dental procedures are scheduled or completed. 

Our expert team members are always willing to assist you with any questions regarding your particular insurance company or benefits.