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Scripps Ranch Braces & Orthodontics

Creating Beautiful Smiles for Scripps Ranch, including Poway, Mira Mesa, San Diego, and Surrounding Areas

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At MOD Squad Dental, we see both children and adults for orthodontic treatment. After suffering with braces for five long years, Dr. Greg Friedman became passionate about finding an easier, shorter, and more comfortable way to straighten children's teeth. In certain cases, we use retainers when teeth are growing in to expand the mouth, making room for all of the teeth to fit instead of extracting teeth at a later age. By developing the dental arch with retainers, we can reduce the time braces have to be worn by up to two years, in many cases!

Early orthodontic intervention for our children could be key to a healthy ideal bite for them later in life. If you have questions about your child's orthodontic issues, call today for your complimentary consultation.

For adults, Invisalign® is becoming a very popular and conservative alternative to traditional braces or veneers. With Invisalign clear braces, patients can straighten their teeth inconspicuously and in a short timeframe. We will also often recommend ZOOM! whitening following Invisalign or orthodontic care to complete your smile makeover.

Invisalign® Clear Braces for Scripps Ranch

Advancements in technology now offer patients a different choice to correct misaligned teeth. Dr. Friedman is a preferred provider for Invisalign, the clear choice for braces.  With the advances in CAD/CAM technology, patients are able to straighten their teeth with clear aligners by changing the aligners biweekly.  This technique enables Dr. Friedman's patients the ability to move their teeth without the conventional wires and brackets, allowing them the freedom to brush and floss easily, as well as not have a restricted meal plan. The good news is that NO ONE will know you are wearing braces!

Dr. Friedman integrates computer technology into his practice to "GO GREEN" by using the Apple I-pad for patients to update their health history and fill out their new patient paperwork.

Serving families in San Diego, Mira Mesa, Poway and Rancho Penasquitos

Do you want a more presentable smile?

Do you interact with people on a daily basis?

Would the appearance of braces make you uncomfortable?

Invisalign clear braces fit over the teeth to gradually align them into proper formation. They can be removed for special events but are most effective at permanently changing the alignment of teeth, making the bite more functional and improving the overall appearance of the face.

Most people don't want to flaunt metal smiles. Models, actors, waiters, or anyone self-conscious about their looks might prefer to have their dental corrective devices hidden. Additionally, most adults would rather not have metal braces showing at work or social events. That's where Invisalign can help.

Invisalign braces are effective with a number of orthodontic issues. They can help with teeth that are overcrowded, too widely spaced, crossbites, overbites, and underbites. Invisalign clear braces can restore beauty, form, and function to misaligned teeth in a way that is more comfortable and less embarrassing than regular metal braces. Many people in Scripps Ranch already wear Invisalign invisible braces, but you probably never noticed! That's the beauty of the method – long-lasting results that cause less discomfort and awkwardness in the long run.

Additionally, Invisalign invisible braces are far more comfortable than metal braces that require spacing, adhesive, wires, and bands that can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. With Invisalign, teeth are corrected easily and comfortably.

Invisalign braces can help you become more confident, smiling at the troubles life throws your way. You'll feel less anxious when talking, laughing, or eating because you won't be concerned about what people are thinking of your teeth – no more covering your mouth when you smile! You can concentrate on the conversation, become a better listener, and engage with ease.

Creating a beautiful and healthy smile for you is important to us. We know it will give you the confidence you need to face the challenges the world throws at you. With Dr. Friedman's help, you can show the world you’re in charge and face it with a smile.

Contact MOD Squad Dental of Scripps Ranch, CA to discuss your treatment with Dr. Friedman and discover if Invisalign® is right for you.